About Me

I’m a freelance writer and screenwriter based in Toronto. My current focus is critiquing female representation in film to expose the gender gap in filmmaking and ruin your favourite movies.

I’m a regular contributor at Anatomy of a Scream and my work has appeared in Grim Magazine, among others.

I participated in the Crucial 21st Century Cinema – Directed By Women collective blogging initiative with my review of the criminally underrated comedy The To Do List by Maggie Carey.

In 2010, my short screenplay Firsts was produced in Los Angeles. I’ve also completed a feature length screenplay.

Since 2018, I’ve run a Vibe of the Month series on my blog, which takes the mood inherent to each month of the year – derived from holidays and events as well as folklore, astrology, and pop culture sources – and connects it to my personal experience for that month via film, fashion, and art. It was started as a way to explore how each season affects our memories, lived experience, and the way we consume art and entertainment.

I also have over 10 years of marketing experience having written and developed content for brochures, infographics, web pages, blogs, Amazon listings, eBooks, product descriptions, and social media posts for both B2B and B2C clients across North America.

You can find me lurking on Twitter and Instagram. My favourite things are Lana Del Rey, fashion, David Lynch, Old Hollywood, astrology, and existentialism.